Seatpost User Guide

Please read below for detailed instructions on installation, care and maintenance.

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Warning: Installing this bicycle product requires in-depth knowledge of bicycle mechanics and professional-grade tools. If you do not have the proper tools or knowledge to perform this installation, please take your bicycle to your local bicycle dealer. Failure to appropriately install this product may lead to component failure, resulting in serious injury or death.

We recommend that you have this product installed, adjusted and maintained by a professional bicycle mechanic.


The Dolomite seatpost is 3D forged from 2014T6 alloy and uses M6x35mm bolt hardware.


Both Chromag saddles and seatposts are traditional dual-rail designs. Seatposts and saddles are compatible with other manufacturers traditional dual-rail designs but not for other designs or mounting technology.


  • Inspect the saddle rails and clamp surface of the seatpost before installation, checking for damage that may have occurred in shipping or, in the case of using an older component with a new one, from wear and tear. 
  • Remove or open the clamping mechanism from the head of the seatpost and locate the saddle rails in the seatpost head groove.  
  • Make sure to not exceed the maximum fore and aft markings on the saddle rails. Failure to do so can result in damage and potential failure. 
  • Everyone has a preferable fit (angle and position) of their saddle. Experiment to find yours.
  • Do not exceed the maximum torque rating of the seatpost head bolts. Make sure both bolts are evenly torqued. 
  • Do not exceed the minimum insertion marks on the seatpost.
  • Before inserting the seatpost in the frame inspect the seattube for dirt, grime or other imperfections, cleaning if necessary. Lightly grease the shaft before insertion.

Care and maintenance

Check and grease the bolt threads on seatposts at regular intervals. Check bolt tightness monthly and grease after a solid season of riding.

Some saddles and seatpost combinations may develop a creak from time to time. Check the seat post bolts are tight and lightly grease if necessary. If the creak persists grease all clamp-contact surfaces and perhaps use a small amount of silicon spray where the saddle rails enter and fix to the saddle upper.


Chromag seatposts are warrantied from the time of purchase for a period of one year, or as per the local laws of the region of purchase. The warranty applies only to the original owner and covers the product only in the case of manufacturing defect. It does not cover products damaged due to normal wear and tear, damage resulting from extreme use abuse, neglect, negligence, fading of colours and materials over time or other situations that don’t qualify as normal riding or normal conditions.

The warranty does not cover modifications or installation. Improper installation of related components will void the warranty. Surface finishes such as paint, chrome, anodizing, stickers or graphic applications are not covered under warranty unless deemed qualified by Chromag Bikes. Claims can be made either through a Chromag dealer, distributor or direct with Chromag bikes. Products considered as potentially valid warranty claims must be returned for inspection and must include the original receipt. Shipping or labour costs are not covered.