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The trail bruiser


Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
Stylus 27.5" Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB
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Keeping 27.5 alive in a rowdy built for it all package

☛ 4130 custom drawn tubeset and CNC dropouts and yoke
☛ 27.5"" wheel size
☛ Handbuilt in Taiwan
☛ Evolved, progressive all mountain geometry based on 160mm fork

If you ordered a full bike, you'll have everything you need to get rolling right away, prior to some minimal setup.
Frames come with a hanger, chain stay protector and rear axle.

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The Stylus is an incredibly versatile machine, ready for anything from all day trail riding, to big burly lines.  It’s built to climb, descend, jump and do it with authority. It features our 12mm through-axle dropout system with 148mm Boost hub spacing, our unique yokel chainstay layout offering ample tire clearance for up to 27.5x2.6 and 26x3.0.  With a short seattube it has plenty of standover clearance and room to drop the saddle when you need to get it right out of the way.  

Built around a 160mm fork with a slack front end, the Stylus is the choice for riders who tend to favour rough terrain and need a bike that will stand up to plenty of abuse.


Almost all Chromag frames are made from quality 4130 chromoly steel tubing. Chromoly is an abbreviation for chromium-molybdenum indicating the materials that the steel is alloyed with.

The added chromium helps increase the steels hardenability and also provide some corrosion resistance.
The molybdenum helps to increase the toughness of the steel.

It has a high tensile strength but is also malleable which is what gives our frames their notorious ride quality and feel. Chromoly is often used when more strength is required than that of mild carbon steel.

It falls under the AISI (American Iron & Steel Institute) 41XX designations which is where the “41” comes from. The “30” indicates it contains approximately 0.30% carbon by weight.

Chromoly is much stronger than traditional 1020 steel and it has a higher strength to weight ratio and high tensile strength, which means we can use less material and achieve a product that can withstand the abuse that riders love to throw at it.

The Stylus is our small wheeled heavy hitter.

key features


Your bike is special. The head tube badge is the finishing touch so we’ve always made a point of taking the time to do something interesting with it. Our head tube badges have changed over the years and are an indication of the time each bike was made.

Whether it’s a cast bronze, or polished stainless steel, water cut aluminum or a 3D CNC carving, each one represents our commitment to detail.


We've never tried to hide the fact some of our products are made in Taiwan, in fact, we're proud of it.

Our Taiwanese partners are incredibly skilled and some of the best in the business.

As you would expect, these products are held to the same strict standards that we're renowned for.


All Chromags now ship with our injection moulded chain stay protector to help keep the paint fresh and the noise low. These have an adhesive applied, but also slot for zip ties if they come unstuck years down the line, or if you want to apply it to another frame.

Also available here
Designed for life

Yes, steel might be a little heavier than it's more flashy contemporaries, but these bikes are built to last.

Unlike aluminum frames (which have ticking clock the minute you start riding them), steel can theoretically last forever provided it's ridden within the scope for which it was intended.

assembly & care

Whether you get your bike in a box, or roll it out the front door here at Chromag HQ, you can rest assured your bike has been pored over with pride, and built with the utmost attention to detail by one of our extremely talented mechanics.

Threads are chased, seat tubes are reamed, head tubes are honed, fits are checked and checked again, all to make sure when you get your bike, everything is absolutely dialed.


The UDH is designed to optimize shift performance across all bikes as well as create a sensible solution for replacing damaged hangers. The UDH has been widely adopted throughout the cycling industry with hundreds of models already featuring it.

Available here

the choice for riders who favour rough terrain and need a bike that will stand up to plenty of abuse.


Built around our most robust tube set the Stylus begs for abuse and airborne antics. The low slung geometry keeps it composed in the hectic situations it encourages.

Show: |
Frame Size STypical Rider Height: 155cm - 165cm MTypical Rider Height: 163cm - 174cm M/LTypical Rider Height: 172cm - 183cm LTypical Rider Height: 181cm - 192cm XLTypical Rider Height: 190cm - 200cm
Effective Top Tube566592614636664
Head Tube9595105115125
Wheel base11561182120412401269
BB Drop3030303030
BB Height319319319319319
Stand Over639688728762799
chain stay419419419419419
Seat Tube330380422457495
Max Post Insertion*150200242277315
Head Angle64.0°°
Seat Angle76.0°°
Wheel Size27.5''

* Max. post insertion based on Rockshox Reverb



If you're between sizes, it's a good idea to try to ride them both, either by hopping on a demo or stealing from a close friend. If that isn't an option, examine reach, stack and ETT numbers on your current bike and compare. If in any doubt, please get in touch and we'd be happy to chat about it with you.

You could also check out the review section, to see how this bike fits other people.

The Stylus, in all it's glory


Builds & Specs

• Fork // Rock Shox Lyrik Select+ 160mm Boost 110x15mm
• Stem // Chromag HiFi BSX 35mm
• Bar// Chromag OSX 25mm Rise, 800mm
• Headset // Cane Creek Forty ZS
• Crank // SRAM GX 170mm
• Brakes // SRAM G2 RSC
• Rotors // SRAM 180mm
• Shifter // SRAM GX Eagle
• Cassette // SRAM GX Eagle 10-52t
• Derailleur // SRAM GX Eagle
• Rims // Chromag 29" Phase30
• Hubs // Chromag R4
• Tires // Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR
• Seatpost // RockShox Reverb
(125mm - S) (150mm - M) (175mm - M/L) (200mm - L, XL)
• Saddle // Chromag Trailmaster DT
• Grips // Chromag Format
• Chain // SRAM GX Eagle

Build options are subject to availability and liable to change without notice. 

• Wheel Size // 27.5"
• Recommended Fork Travel // 160mm (±10mm)
• Material // 4130 Chromoly Steel
• Frame Weight (M/L) // 7.27lbs
• Hub Spacing // Boost 148mm (Axle Included)
• Headset // 44-56 Semi Integrated
• Seat Clamp Size // 35mm
• Seat Post Size // 31.6mm
• BB // 73mm Threaded, ISCG Mounts
• Hanger // UDH (Included)
• Brake Mount // IS
• Frame Origin // Taiwan


Buying a bike is a big deal.
Don't hesitate to reach out with any and all questions!

Contact Us

Worldwide shipping

We ship bikes anywhere in the world with competitive rates from UPS and FedEx. Alternatively you can pickup right here at Chromag HQ.

Service Guide

Need more info on setup, service and spare parts?

View the user guide


All of our bikes are backed by a 1 year warranty.
After that we still have your back with our crash replacement program.

Register your bike


This is possible but does notably change the geometry. As the Stylus is a 27.5” bike, making it a mullet would normally mean fitting a 29” fork and front wheel.

There are lots of different fork length options for this, please reach out if you want specific geometry numbers for a known fork.

A 2.5” Maxxis fits with appropriate room around it.

Yes! There are ISCG mounts on the Stylus.

All our frames can work with +/-10mm of fork travel. To generalise the geometry change is around a 0.5° slacker head tube and seat tube angle for every 10mm added.

All geared hardtails run a standard boost chain line (52mm)

With a 52mm chainline (SRAM boost standard), the Stylus can fit up to a 34-tooth chainring.

For context, most of us here are running a 30t, with a 10/52 cassette.

There is a serial number on the back of your fork arch, adding this to Rockshox Trailhead app along with your weight gives a good baseline setting.

It does, however the specific blend of steel we use (CR-MO) has very good corrosion resistant properties. You can further protect things internally if you live in a partially harsh area or have concerns. Fluid Film is our recommended product for this.

Nothing of note on this frame. Please let us know if you have tried to fit a more obscure component and faced issues.

Greasing you seat post prevents this issues, we strongly recommend re-greasing every 6 months at a minimum.

Not much! Here's what you need to do if we shipped your bike to you:

• Inflate tires to desired pressure. (Sealant is already installed)
• Install brake rotors, tightening bolts to 6.2Nm.
• Attach derailleur to frame, tightening to 9Nm making sure that the B-tension tab rests properly against the derailleur hanger stop.
• Grease headset bearings, install fork and handlebar, positioning the headset spacers above or below the stem according to rider fit.
• Align handlebar stem, preload headset and tighten stem pinch bolts to 8Nm.
• Install wheels, tighten axles.
• Install chain with quick link.
• Grease pedal threads and install pedals using pedal washers supplied.
• Adjust brakes, shifters, saddle position and height for personal preference.
• Set up suspension.
• Bed-in brakes. (Roll down a gentle gradient dragging one brake at a time. Avoid locking them up.)
• Go ride!

Note: If you had to Google "Nm", or you don't know which way to install your rotors, you should probably get a qualified mechanic to build your bike!

Here's what's been done:

• Chain length adjusted.
• Gears adjusted.
• Brakes set up and bled.
• Handlebar tightened to 6Nm.
• Grips tight on handlebar.
• Crankset tight, bottom bracket tight/adjusted.
• Saddle and seatpost tight.
• Seatpost greased *make sure to re-grease every 6 months!
• Tire sealant installed.
• Cassette tight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Matt W.

Sometimes, I lay in my bed at night horrified at the thought of my stylus breaking one day. Like, how far into the future will this happen? Will it be that crazy huck to flat that snaps something. Then my eyes go wide, WHAT IF IT BREAKS YEARS FROM NOW AND CHROMAG STOPPED MAKING THE FRAME!? There’s no going back to sleep after that. Please don’t leave me Stylus, I need you…

Zac M.
This thing rips

"Ahh, she's built like a steak house but handles like a bistro." ―Zapp Brannigan

I don't pretend to understand Brannigan's Law. I merely enforce it.

James D.
Best bike ever!!

For context, I come from a freestyle BMX background, I'm an pretty solid intermediate rider and feel like 29ers feel huge for my body type and riding style despite being 6' tall and a little over 195lbs. I bought the stylus as a frame and built it up with Fox 36 fork and I9 wheels. My other bikes are:
-Salsa El Mariachi (29")
-Gary fisher Hifi Deluxe(26")
-Kona Process 153 (29")
-Kink Cloud (20")

This is unquestionably my favorite bike I have ever had/ridden! I may never go back to a full-29er again for trail/freeride (admittedly a little mullet-curious though). It has made riding fun and interesting again!!

The steel seems to soak up a lot of vibration without feeling mushy and dampens big hits well. Climbs like a CHAMP! For me, my style, my trails, this is the bike; this is my quiver killer, my skeleton key, the Goldilocks bike. Bravo chromag!


I absolutely love these guys and gals . The bike is obviously gorgeous not to mention the quality is total top shelf but just dealing with them. The customer service from Chromag blew me away . Please call them with anything they love to help no matter how trivial the question or concern . Love you guys and will definitely be adding more Chromag’s to stable .

Frank S.
Beautiful Frameset!

Quality, fit and finish are top notch. I can't wait to build and ride this bike.

Bryan M.
stand and deliver

I've been riding my stylus for over a year now so I feel I can be fairly certain and mostly fair when I say that this frame rocks the wrapper off my Rolos. I come from the eighties through so straying from two-six wheels has been tough and as far as two-nine, I've only run up front. Mullet or not steel is my real and this year screams that in my ear every time I send it (or not). In 4130 I trust and so do rugged and iconic manufacturers! Thank you Chromag for the masterful yoke at the BB and chainstays, speaking of those stays--they're sturdy yet supple? Beautiful and Short (great for climbing and manuals) and also accommodating, especially if you roll 2.6" rear tires...nuff slobber 4 now as I'm already wanting the updated frame with da UDH (just wish they were made in BC)!

Nicole C.
The holy grail frame for shorties

I’m 4”11 with a 26in inseam and have been on a dang JOURNEY for 4 years trying to find a MTB frame that I could stand over, have a confident reach and put a foot down while on the seat. I tried A few XS frames of top brands that were marketed for 4”11-5”2 and were the smallest on the market (not female specific brands). I almost gave up on searching for a bike that would not only work for me but one I loved riding. I mentioned to my partner that I wish Chromag made a bike that would fit me since I love their brand and bikes. This inspired us spending hours reviewing the geometries of all the Chromag bikes to the ones I’ve had that didn’t work and the math made us realize the Stylus actually had even better geometry then the prior bikes I’ve tried. I decided to bite the bullet and order a Stylus frame, build it out and give it a try even though the small is marketed for 5’1 -5’5. This is the most fun and easy to ride bike I’ve ever been on. It corners effortlessly, it is FAST while feeling very stable, I accidentally jump anything that has a lip and float over our local jump lines. This bike also goes downhill through technical lines just as easy as it climbs. When I do Have to hop off it’s a total “me” and my ability issue - not the bike. Even better yet is that I can Stand over the bike on the trail when I need A break or put a foot down when I need To hop off the bike for any reason. That alone has increased my confidence significantly. The Stylus is more enjoyable to ride then a top end FS I despised Every second on. What can I say - a good hard tail is all a gal needs and this one definitely is the true dream bike I had lost hope I could find.

Clayton C.
Stylus = Fun

The stylus has changed my bike life. Last season I spent a lot of hours on an aluminum hardtail with a 650b wheel set. After a chainstay failure, I reached out to Chromag and they directed me to the stylus. I’m glad they did because it’s hard to describe the fun I’ve had on it. Climbing is dreamy- the bike moves over square edges better than any hardtail I’ve been on, and I spend a lot of time seated comfortably. When it’s time to descend, you can absolutely rally and use the frame’s lively pop to place the bike in just the right places for those doubles and quick, powerful changes in direction. Do yourself a favour and find one in your size. You might end up like me with your trail bike a little more neglected as you reach for your new daily driver.